Sunday, April 17, 2016


We are into April and the colors in Yakima are A-MAZ-ING!!
It's apple blossom and dogwood time around here.
A few more weeks and the petals will be gone making way for the fruits that we love...and that is good...but spring colors just don't last long enough!!

Speaking of dogwoods...
On Mother's Day 2012 I picked out a white dogwood tree and the next year it produced TWO blooms.
The next two years there might have been a handful more, but I was worried we'd gotten a dud.
This year though, it came to its senses and put on quite a show!
I'm going to love to watch this tree grow each year!
Spring also brought Easter and its usual egg dyers, nest makers and morning hunters
Hannah was sleeping in, having worked until nearly midnight the previous evening.  
But her special eggs were still hunted!
This year was the end of innocence when it comes to the Easter Bunny (and therefore Santa and the Tooth Fairy as well).  
Jenelle has been suspicious but her doubts were confirmed this year.  
It was time. 
But!  I'm still going to hide eggs and pay for teeth and put presents under the tree from Santa.
Why should the fun end here?
Springtime also means getting out of the house for walks and wildflowers!
Jenelle and I checked out a place we'd never been before called Snowmountain Ranch.

And spring is also time for tulips!
If they aren't growing in your yard, buy them!
Tulips make everything better!!

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  1. No more bunnies, elves, fairies?…. nooooo! Kuddos to the family for continuing the magic. Beautiful photos, as always!