Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Holiday Highlights

Tomorrow...if we don't get snowed the first day back to school and work after the holidays.
These weeks have been wonderful...full of relaxing and enjoying our little group of five.

After Thanksgiving we started off with some Yakima Christmas activities.
The lighting of the downtown Christmas tree and the Lighted Christmas parade.
These always seem like a good idea to me until I have to actually leave my warm house and go, but Jenelle keeps me honest!

We've been having snow off and on since the winter break started. 
One day Hannah and I walked to Johnson's for some photo ops and apples.
Christmas morning came and went, and somehow I managed to catch none of it except snow through my wreath.
It was a wonderful morning.  
Relaxed, together and all of us full of gratitude.

There has been no shortage of snow!
Donald built a huge sledding hill in our front yard and while everyone has had a go on it, Jenelle was the die hard sledder in the family!

It's a constant work in progress and Donald's always out there adding more snow and adjusting the turns.

Pounce has a nice warm box to sleep and relax in, but when we are outside, he likes to hang out for a while.
This is Pounce hiding from me and getting ready to...well...pounce!
 And here he goes!!

Snow and more snow!
 A pinecone that still hangs from the Mohawk days!

On New Year's Eve we took a walk in Cowiche Canyon.
Our valley looks so beautiful covered in white!

We celebrated as a family that night with games and homemade confetti like my sister and I used to make.
And so, a new year begins.
I love new years.
They are clean and fresh and full of unknown adventures.
So here's to 2016 and whatever it may bring!