Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Pretty Ballerina

Dance recital time of year again!
This year Jenelle's class focused on a ballet to perform to "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic movie.
(I'll admit here that its one of my favorite songs!)

It's all about the costume performance isn't it?
This year was the best!!
But since they don't allow cameras or filming, I'll just have to show you the costume and the pretty ballerina who wore it so well!!

And even though I understand the need for all the makeup in the stage performance...
and even though I think she looks beautiful with it on...
I'll take this little fresh face dancer for as long as I can!
Nothing beats natural beauty!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunday Ritual

Every Sunday,
at some point before the day gets too long,
Donald and Jenelle walk to Walgreens and buy my Sunday newspapers.

It used to be just the papers.
Then at some point I found out that there was always a shared York Peppermint Patty involved.

And now, the trip almost always includes other things.
At first it was the "after holiday" sale candy...and now it's boxes of cereal or crackers.
Whatever is on sale for the week.
They go when its cold and snowy or warm and sunny.
Buying a few groceries...but mostly making simple sweet memories.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belated Easter

Jenelle has been on me lately about my poor job of blogging!
She told me I haven't even blogged about Christmas!
But I checked and she's wrong!
I took care of that in January!

But I have left out a few in between then and now, so I'm playing a little catch up!

Ivan and Jenelle (and mom) did a little Easter egg dyeing.

That's a crazy person...look at the eyes!
 Crazy is always in the eyes!!
Anyway, it's plain old Paas dye for us!
We've tried others, but this is the best!
After coloring eggs, there was some Easter nest making.
Jenelle took charge of this responsibility.
Can you figure out which is her Easter nest?
I'll give you a hint and tell you that the amount of flowers is equal to the amount of involvement!

Just like last year, Pounce and I both witnessed the Easter bunny!
I even captured the critter on film, but I don't think its time to reveal its identity!

Eggs were everywhere the next morning!
And they were all found!

I'm not much for keeping "decorations" out for long.  
Christmas trees would be put up on December 26th in a perfect world.
Pumpkins tossed on November 1st.
I like the holidays...I just like for them to be over too.
But, as I was collecting the Easter baskets and getting ready to put them back in their tubs, I started thinking about how special they really are.
I explained, in last year's blog post, how each basket came to be, but I didn't really explain how precious they are.
How I think they represent a really special young and free time in my children's life.

I remember hunting eggs when I was a child...and then, at some point...not.
But I never forgot my Easter basket!
I'm not sure where it is or where it went, but I remember what it looked like and I remember many of the wonderful things that it held over the years.
The most important thing it held was the joy and amazement of childhood!
And as these years go by with my children, I see how fast and fleeting that time is...and it breaks my heart just a little bit.

Aaaaand then we ate asparagus.
That is all.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Color"ish" Jog-a-thon

Another jog-a-thon for St. Joe's!
Another year of generous donations from family and friends!
Thanks to all of you!

This year the theme of the jog-a-thon was a "Color Run".
I've seen them before and thought this would be so cool!
This was what I was imagining...
This is what we had...

BUT!  The kids still had fun!
Chloe and Jenelle...walking and talking...
Oh!  There's mom!
Look at me!  I'm jogging!
Jenelle getting yellow"ish" powder thrown on her.
Ivan said he just wasn't feeling that great this year.
He definitely wasn't his normal smiling self around the track.
It looked like it was more work than fun for him this time.
But in usual "Ivan" style...he found an opportunity for a smile and a wave.
The girls too...
And finally it was over!
It was a strange year because it was the first time Hannah wasn't there.
I asked her several times if she wanted to skip school and participate.

Any surprise that these two get mistaken for twins quite a bit?
Chloe's a triplet, so I'm sure her mom has enough kids without adding a 4th!

And next year these 7th graders will take their 8th grade lap around the track!
Hard to believe!
Good kids...
 Great kid!