Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Fall Recap

Since Winter officially arrives in 6 days, I thought it time to record some memories of our Autumn.

In early October, the Omelans came for a visit.
Despite appearances, we did do more than just drink wine!
They were able to listen to Jenelle play for a short time in a strings ensemble for a charitable event down town.

The next weekend Jenelle and I went to an event in Seattle that she had been looking forward to for a long time!
A Miranda Sings show!
It's too hard to explain...you should look it up here!
Very entertaining!
The young girls at the concert acted in a way that I imagine they would have years ago at the Beatles.
My eardrums were bleeding!!
And we always enjoy an excuse to visit Seattle!

Next came Homecoming for Hannah and her friends.
Yep...all just friends!
First Jenelle helped me see whether this was a good spot to take pictures...
Then came the stars of the show!

Next was Halloween -
This holiday changes every year as the kids get older.
This is how they used to spend Halloweens just a few years ago...

Hannah still spent it with Jack and his family on a visit to the WSU campus.
Cold and miserable, but she loved the college campus experience anyway.

Ivan stayed in and volunteered to hand out candy...
Jenelle still dressed up and she and her friend Margaret were allowed to trick or treat all by themselves this year.
A hobo and a bag of jelly beans...

They scored candy BIG time!

Of course Autumn is also about leaves and cats who couldn't care less.

And last but not least - Thanksgiving!
Great meal and FINALLY...a picture for our Christmas card that included all of us.
During the day I was trying to find a place inside the house with the right lighting and right camera settings for a photo.
The kids were happy (for the most part) to be subjects of my shoots!
And obviously "their" shooting as well!

No great pictures from inside the house...but fun memories!

Now we're looking forward to making Winter memories!