Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween and Homecoming!

Yep...all in the same weekend!
I am interrupting my nearly complete documentation of our summer travels to give you some actual up-to-date blogging!
Pretty amazing huh?!

This weekend was busy and fun!
There were costumes, trick or treating, sleepovers and homecoming!

I don't do much decorating, but with a few pumpkins that grew in our garden this year, some flowers, and cheap decorations, we had a pretty cute setting for Halloween.

It was a busy night getting Hannah and her friends back and forth to a haunted house, taking Ivan and Jenelle trick or treating and stopping by Renee's for some delicious chili.

Pumpkin carving happened.
And costumes of course!
Hannah dressed up as a teenager and waited for her girlfriends to arrive for a sleepover...
 Ivan and Jenelle went with video game themed characters this year.
Jenelle is "Mario" and Ivan is "Link" from The Legend of Zelda.
It is a little sad that between Renee's and my family, we are down to only 2 out of 5 trick or treaters.
Sad but not surprising.
And actually, not really sad.
It makes me feel a bit melancholy, but I would be lying if I said that I wish trick or treating went on and on and on every year. 
I'm okay to be done when they are ready.

Hannah's friends spent the night and went home the next day to shower and clean up before coming back to prepare for their homecoming.
The girls went together and had a fantastic evening.
They are truly a wonderful group of young women!
 And the absolutely beautiful Hannah!

After pictures they went to Second Street Grill in downtown Yakima and then on to the Convention Center for the dance.
I picked them up at midnight and listened to interesting stories from the night...but mostly listening to each of them saying how much fun they had!
Great memories for ushering out October and ushering in November!