Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day Snowball Fight

There's really no story here.
Just a bunch of fun pictures!
Some Christmas Day exercise and play!

There was a loud debate between the two later regarding who "won" the fight.
I'll just say there was enough snow on both of them to call it a tie.

I love the pictures with Jenelle.
She thought that maybe she would join in the fight.

But wisely decided after a few minutes, that jumping in snow piles was more fun!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day!

The big day finally arrived!
Santa was faithful to the kids...
 And even for Sir Pounce!

Let's see...
They went to bed around 10:30 I think.
All of them said they hardly slept.
The first attempt to get up was around 3:40.
The second was around 6:30 and that was pretty reasonable, so we got up.

As they are running down the hall, I'm saying "Wait!  We need to wake Hannah up!"
(I hate starting without everyone there.)
But to my surprise, she was already up and at the tree!
It was just a perfect Christmas morning.
There were no huge items.
No bank breaking gifts.
Just simple things that they loved.
And they said so...over and over and over!

I'm so grateful for their gratitude!

A few of Hannah's gifts...

And Ivan's...

And Jenelle's...

The day couldn't have been more perfect!
A warm fire!
A nutritious breakfast hanging right off the tree!
 And snow ALL DAY LONG!

We chilled out...
Tested out our gifts...
 (thank you Dad and Vicki for the GORGEOUS centerpiece!)
And missed our families...
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tis the Season

I normally don't say this, but, the Christmas season has come and gone too soon this year!
Somehow I planned things just right and had time to relax and enjoy the festive activities once the kids were out of school.
No last minute running around and stressing out.
Only fun things to do.

Like a tree to decorate...

Christmas programs to take part in...

Christmas luncheons to attend...

Gingerbread houses to make...


Gingerbread houses to eat...

And Christmas lights to enjoy...

And of course the excitement on Christmas Eve...waiting for Santa to arrive!!!