Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School Days

Could not be prouder...

They're off to a great start!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Slaughter

It was downright scary to see the joy that these two had on their faces while they smashed our Halloween jack-o-lanters to smithereens!!

**Pumpkins were definitely harmed in the making of this blog**

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Another fabulous spooky night full of treats and friends, pumpkins...
and of course...
cats...or at least one cat... know who I'm talking about!

Halloween sort of started last Saturday night.
Donald and I went to an auction dinner for our local museum.
The invitation said "all Hallow's Eve clothing encouraged..."
I never dress up, but thought it might be fun to glam up a bit as a witch...
I had a black dress, black hose, black jewelry...
I even painted my nails black.

Then one of my girlfriends suggested that I wear a wig she had.
Once I put the wig on, I didn't look very witchy, so I decided that I would go as
"the other woman"
So we made sure to tell our friends (some who didn't even recognize me at first) NOT to tell Michelle that Donald was at the auction with his girlfriend.
Pretty funny stuff!
 (I know...fantastic lighting and great staging with the shoes in the background)
We had a great time, but after the time it took to get all this together, I understand better why I enjoy being a pretty low maintenance girl!

But back to Halloween night!

On the subject of dressing up - this was the year I said "no" to the expensive store bought costumes.
We had plenty of options at home and lots of creativity!
No need to spend a lot of money this time around!

Originally Hannah had decided she wasn't going to dress up this year.
I totally understood if she didn't want to go trick or treating, but I was a little sad too...
Happily, she changed her mind and put together a "hobo"costume at the last minute!

She is the prettiest "hobo" I've seen...
I told her that this is what would happen to her if she started smoking and didn't do well in school!
Her candy bucket was tucked inside the bandana and made a great prop!

Jenelle had a beautiful costume from her dance recital this summer that was quite pricey AND adorable.
Guess how many times it had been worn?
So, we made her into a "porcelain doll".

And finally...Ivan...the "zombie nerd"!
He had his costume in mind for quite some time and it came together really well!
Of course the clothing and props are only part of the whole costume.
Attitude makes it work!!
As well as a ridiculous hairstyle and pair of glasses!

He told me he was going to put mud on his clothes!
I said, "I really don't want you to do that...why do you need to?"
"Mom!  I'm a zombie and I had to dig myself out of a grave!"

Oh...okay then.

Together - these three made a dirty, nerdy, beautiful bunch!

Of course it wouldn't be trick or treating without Colin and Jack!
(Sir Pounce...always a part of the action!)

Love this group!
Good friends and good memories!!