Monday, October 28, 2013

Braces, Autumn, Cats and Apple Pie

I could win contests on the creativity of my blog post titles!

Hannah got braces!
She was kind enough to take this selfie for me when the doctor stepped out for a few minutes...
And a more relaxed position...
They are only on the top teeth right now.
We go back in December to get the bottom set.
Very exciting!
Stay tuned and we'll show you the results in about two years.

Up until yesterday, we have had the most amazing fall weather!
And the colors have been brighter than I remember in Yakima!
Very cool mornings and evenings with beautiful sunny days and temperatures in the 70's.
But early Sunday morning a front blew in and took away the warm days - and most of the leaves off the trees as well.
With the cooler weather setting in, Sir Pounce takes advantage of warm cars as quickly as he can!

And finally - pie!
We have had the motherload of apples this year from our orchard friends!
I've made lots of applesauce and many many pies at the request of Ivan and Donald.
One night after a dinner out, Donald and I came home to see this...
He's even done some "dessert math" to prove that he has taken the first slice.

Soon after this pie had been eaten - I was told to please don't make any more apple pies for a while.
Not sure, but this could have been the fourth of fifth pie that those two had devoured in a couple of weeks.

And that's our start to the fall! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pirate Plunder...again!

We did it again!
Donald and I participated in the 2nd Pirate Plunder event.
I was in much better shape last year and as a result, I wasn't as excited this year...worried about the 2 mile run at the beginning...which was definitely as awful as I'd expected.
But we had a beautiful day for it and...well...we had already paid, etc.
So - there was no getting out of it!

Here are the pictures that were taken that day...
Sooooo muddy this year!!
At the end I was so glad I did it (and glad to be finished) that I found myself saying, "That was awesome...I'm going to do it again next year!"
And I will - but I'll probably gripe about it first.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Texas Trip - Part "The End"

Our days in Texas were winding down.
We head north for the last leg of our journey and saw Stephanie and all her men in their new home!

First things first...let's get acquainted with the "other" family members.
Meet Logan's bearded dragon, Bolt!
I must admit he is very pretty -
 And very interesting -
One problem though is that he eats disgusting food like crickets and meal worms.
I can't remember if I touched him.
I think I might have put one finger on him to feel the skin, but none of this cuddling business you see here.
No thank you - even though he looks adorable on Steph's shoulder!

And of course we got reacquainted with Samson!
Now this guy I can cuddle!
He's livin' the good life.
Laying down, getting groomed while gnawing on something delicious.
And it's NOT a cricket or mealworm!

The first day everyone just sort of got used to each other again.
The kids anyway - Stephanie and I just pick up where we left off as sisters do.
I think that the older the kids get, sometimes the harder the time away makes things.
I remember that feeling while visiting some cousins every few years in Austin at Thanksgiving. 
The first few hours we just sort of looked at each other...then by the time the visit was over, we were like dear friends.

The second day we went to a fun entertainment center called Main Event.
They bowled and climbed and played laser tag and basically reconnected.
We all had a great time!
But I think Steph and I agree that these were some pretty neat days as well...
August 2005
February 2006
July 2010
And plus or minus a few details - that pretty much covers our 2013 Texas Tour!
When we head back to Houston to catch our flight, we were able to see Granny and Grandpa again...and spend a fun night with Melissa!

We love our family and had a great time!
Of course we were also ready to get home and had a dad and husband waiting who missed his family!
But also...we were very sweaty.
Later Texas!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Texas Travels - Part Three

With any luck, I'll get this Texas blogging done before we make another trip!
So - where were we!?
We drove from College Station to Austin!
A drive I did many many times while a student at A&M, but sadly, I had to ask a kind police officer at the restaurant how to get out of town.
My memory = no bueno.

We drove to the Silver's house and spent a few minutes hanging out before we head over to visit with Susan, George and their boys.
Susan had prepared a delicious dinner for all of us!
Ribs, corn, squash, bread...and brussel sprouts.
I'm a recent convert and Susan had roasted hers - delicious!
I had seconds and then finished off what was left as I took some dishes to the kitchen.
Sorry Richard and Cole - I'm the reason there were no brussel sprout leftovers!

That night we were able to be around for cozy bedtime routines.
I took some adorable pictures of Rosie and Lena having their first bath together.
Then some bedtime reading...

The next morning we went to Papaw and Maw Maw Vics for the day!
Several months ago, my Spop was so sick we were saying goodbyes.
Now...we still get to make plans for celebrating 107!

We got there in time for breakfast and Vicki had the most delicious spread waiting - and I stuffed myself!
It was super hot (surprise!) so Ivan and Jenelle spent the day in the "redneck swimmin' pool"!
Jenelle wore herself out and needed to take a nap.
She looked so cozy...
...and a crisp.
Good job mom!

Hannah helped Axel stay cool while he played fetch.
Over and over and over and over and over and over....
Dad and Vicki gave Hannah a very sentimental 8th grade graduation gift that was a surprise for even me.
First she opened a package with a framed photograph of my beautiful Granny!
The second part of the gift was a strand of pearls that my Granny was wearing in that same photo so many years ago.
There are so many times that I miss Granny - this was one of them.
She loved her family and loved the fun and sweet things in life.
I think she would be so happy to see her picture on Hannah's desk and know that her pearls were going to her great granddaughter.

So so touching!
Thank you Dad and Vicki!  

Another photograph that I found was my dad when he was just a little guy!
This pictures reminded me a lot of Ivan.
Not identical, but there is certainly a resemblance.

Back at the Silver's, we were able to hang out at their neighbors pool with the kids.
Rosie and Lena - what can I say?
Stinkin' ADORABLE!
Thank you Hannah for the awesome photography!
And Ivan and Jenelle - for entertaining us (especially Rosie) with your wild jumps!
I'm sure Aunt Joanna and Uncle Brian will remember the pencil and flips for a loooooong time!