Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Almost Time...

...for the kids to go back to school (insert music and happy dances all around the house)!

Tonight is "Move In Night" and we are ALL excited!  No, not just me...all of us...really!

There are lots of things I'll have time for soon.  I have lots of plans for things that need to get done and are just easier to get done without people around.  

People who need to be fed and watered and entertained.

But, that's what summer's about and we've had a great one!  Got quite a bit of our summer list completed.
Now its time for routine and schedule and school work and house work...all good things too.
I'm also going to keep myself busy with crafty goodness on Etsy.
I'm currently working on a large sachet order for a wedding...sometime in October...somewhere in Cape Cod.

I kind of look at the back-to-school time as a second new year with a chance for resolutions.  
I get my work-out routine going more consistently, get better at meal planning, do deep housecleaning and generally get busy on things I've put off for a while.

What are your "second new year" resolutions?


  1. I'm still trying to digest the fact that I will have no time for myself once Baby Silver arrives! I'm beyond thrilled and feeling so blessed, but I'm also quite nervous - I've never been responsible for someone else. I have sooo much to do before the little one is here! I guess my resolution is to conquer that list!

    Oh, Michelle, tell me I'm gonna be okay!?!?

  2. I PROMISE you're going to be okay...better than okay!!!