Friday, August 27, 2010

Idaho - Part 4

Remember seeing commercials for these kind of shoes - moon shoes?

I do - and I remember believing every word of them...that if you wore them, it would feel like you were walking on the moon.

Well, I watched a few of the kids put them on, walk a few steps, then decide they'd rather try something else.

Not Ivan.
He is not one to take the possibility of walking on the moon lightly.
For a while I watched without attracting his attention.  It was cute to see him concentrating so hard coming down the long driveway.

Then he headed into the garage.  I figured he'd given up.

But for some reason, that remains a mystery, he grabbed some sort of paddle and headed back up the driveway...even a stumble didn't put him off his game!

Ahhh...good times!


  1. I can't stop giggling! Those shoes look fun!

  2. You can just see him doing this right? I love the look on his face as he watches the camera...smiling, but great concentration!

  3. Oh, to be that age again. Ivan, it must be a lot of fun to see the world through your eyes.