Sunday, April 17, 2016


We are into April and the colors in Yakima are A-MAZ-ING!!
It's apple blossom and dogwood time around here.
A few more weeks and the petals will be gone making way for the fruits that we love...and that is good...but spring colors just don't last long enough!!

Speaking of dogwoods...
On Mother's Day 2012 I picked out a white dogwood tree and the next year it produced TWO blooms.
The next two years there might have been a handful more, but I was worried we'd gotten a dud.
This year though, it came to its senses and put on quite a show!
I'm going to love to watch this tree grow each year!
Spring also brought Easter and its usual egg dyers, nest makers and morning hunters
Hannah was sleeping in, having worked until nearly midnight the previous evening.  
But her special eggs were still hunted!
This year was the end of innocence when it comes to the Easter Bunny (and therefore Santa and the Tooth Fairy as well).  
Jenelle has been suspicious but her doubts were confirmed this year.  
It was time. 
But!  I'm still going to hide eggs and pay for teeth and put presents under the tree from Santa.
Why should the fun end here?
Springtime also means getting out of the house for walks and wildflowers!
Jenelle and I checked out a place we'd never been before called Snowmountain Ranch.

And spring is also time for tulips!
If they aren't growing in your yard, buy them!
Tulips make everything better!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hikes with Hannah

Because Hannah is taking half high school courses and half college classes, she doesn't get a full spring break like the years past.

A few weeks ago she had her time off from the community college, so she'd go to school in the morning at Ike and then come home around 11:30 each day.

So on a couple of those days, we took off on a local walking/hiking adventure. 
The first day we walked the Greenway and ended up at the Arboretum.
The weather is warming up a bit and things are starting to bloom.
Taking serious photographs was our goal!

The second time out we walked from Naches Heights Winery down into Cowiche Canyon.
A beautiful day and a lot of fun!
Better views, a lot more silliness and of me!!
I know that these days of being together like this are numbered.
In a year and a half Hannah will be leaving home and these opportunities won't come so easy.
I'm soaking them up while I can.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Week in Pictures: 13 March - 19 March

Trying to get motivated to blog!
The pictures are there...just not the words.
I thought I'd try this idea again...just a small bite of our daily/weekly lives.

3/13 - These two are still at it with their Sunday morning trip to Walgreens for the papers.  Rain, shine, snow or whatever!  Not much can stop them.

3/14 - Monday night we were honored to watch Hannah get inducted into the National Honor Society at Eisenhower.

3/15 - Spring is officially a few days away, but my daffodils always make an early appearance.  After a long grey winter the color is so wonderful!

3/16 - With her community college classes over for the quarter, I have someone to hang with in the afternoons for a week or two until the new quarter begins again.

3/17 - We don't do much for St. Patrick's Day, but this year I decided to make some fun food.  It was all "okay", except the Colcannon which was AMAZING!!  Will definitely eat potatoes this way again!

3/18 - Not sure anyone in this house loves to go on a trip more than Jenelle!  For an hour or a day or a week...doesn't matter!  She's packed and ready before anyone else!

3/19 - Renee and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend.  Life is so busy for all of us so it was so wonderful to be all together again having fun together.
Where did the time go with these five??

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Holiday Highlights

Tomorrow...if we don't get snowed the first day back to school and work after the holidays.
These weeks have been wonderful...full of relaxing and enjoying our little group of five.

After Thanksgiving we started off with some Yakima Christmas activities.
The lighting of the downtown Christmas tree and the Lighted Christmas parade.
These always seem like a good idea to me until I have to actually leave my warm house and go, but Jenelle keeps me honest!

We've been having snow off and on since the winter break started. 
One day Hannah and I walked to Johnson's for some photo ops and apples.
Christmas morning came and went, and somehow I managed to catch none of it except snow through my wreath.
It was a wonderful morning.  
Relaxed, together and all of us full of gratitude.

There has been no shortage of snow!
Donald built a huge sledding hill in our front yard and while everyone has had a go on it, Jenelle was the die hard sledder in the family!

It's a constant work in progress and Donald's always out there adding more snow and adjusting the turns.

Pounce has a nice warm box to sleep and relax in, but when we are outside, he likes to hang out for a while.
This is Pounce hiding from me and getting ready to...well...pounce!
 And here he goes!!

Snow and more snow!
 A pinecone that still hangs from the Mohawk days!

On New Year's Eve we took a walk in Cowiche Canyon.
Our valley looks so beautiful covered in white!

We celebrated as a family that night with games and homemade confetti like my sister and I used to make.
And so, a new year begins.
I love new years.
They are clean and fresh and full of unknown adventures.
So here's to 2016 and whatever it may bring!