Monday, August 9, 2010

Hannah and I went shoe shopping on Sunday.
Well, it started out with me just looking for some new, nicer flip flops.
All I have right now are nasty flip flops.
You know the kind...just nasty from being worn All. The. Time.

Hannah ended up finding some as well.  Here's what we brought home.

Uh, take a closer look

That's right - she's wearing the same size as me!
The last time we went shoe shopping, at the beginning of the summer, she was wearing a size 5!

She got black and I got silver and they are so cute.
Maybe she'll let me borrow hers...but maybe not since she's seen my nasty flip flops.

And no, of course I didn't pay $29.99 for those sandals.
You know me better than that!


  1. Cute flip flops! I'm a size 7, too! Just another reason I wish we lived closer... Oh, and Hannah, stop growing!!!

  2. Dudettes, you have not mentioned the most awesome thing about those magnificent pieces of footwear: They are "Carlos Santana". Yes, the very same Santana of rock legend fame. Now your shoe choices rock...

  3. Thanks, Spike, for keeping us all in the know.