Monday, August 23, 2010

Idaho - Part 2

One thing my kids were really looking forward to on this trip was what they refer to as the innertube.
I'm not sure what its actually called because it doesn't really look like an innertube, but I think its just a more modern (and safer) version of the old black innertube.

Anyhow, they love it!
And I love watching them on it.

Here's some of the fun shots -

Jack and Ivan

and lovin' this last facial expression...

Jenelle and Colin
As you can see, Jenelle is taking this pretty seriously with her goggles on! 

Hannah and Jack

Later on that day, Donald was able to take the kayak out.  I can't remember the last time he has paddled a boat.  
The kids were all interested, so he took them each out for a trip across the lake.
First there was Jack,

then Colin,

then Jenelle,

and Hannah.

What about Ivan?  Oh yea...Ivan went too...
And had a little adventure with Dad...

They got pulled over by the Sheriff - for multiple violations!!
First of all, Donald forgot to put his lifejacket in the boat.  Second, he was supposed to have a whistle attached to said lifejacket.  And lastly, the boat, yes, even this small kayak, needed an environmental sticker of some sort that has to do with this nasty little plant called milfoil weed.

Of course we were all watching from shore and wondering/guessing what might be going on...speeding?  
I was just crossing my fingers he wasn't getting a big fat ticket!
Turns out the Sheriff was a good guy and just made Donald aware of what was required for his next trip out! 
Ivan was actually rewarded with a shirt because he DID have a lifejacket on!

A pretty cool souvenir for a trip across the water! 

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  1. Good for you, Ivan. You will all remember the safety measures. Love the goggles, Jenelle. So happy all of you are having fun. Hannah, you look great out there. Granny might be able to go in the float - what do you think?