Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Yak!

We've been away at our friend's family lake house in Idaho for the past few days.  Its such a wonderful place to be!
I have plenty of pictures to share from our trip, but first I thought I'd show a few pictures of things we found when we returned home.

Onions ready to be picked.  Lots and lots of onions

and an accidental pumpkin (a seed from last years compost pile) that has gotten bigger and oranger (word? doubtful.)

and a magazine in the mail...with ME in it!  Do you remember this post?  Well, here's the magazine...

here's my tag...

here's my name...

and here's me...

You should buy one today...really...you should...
Because the magazine is filled with instructions by really creative people for awesome handmade holiday gifts and ideas!
That's why!

So, time to catch up around here right now - fun vacation pictures to come soon!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will go and pick one up. That is sooo exciting, and you should be very proud of yourself. You are sooo talented!

    Ivan, are you really eating that onion? They look delicious!

  2. Amazing, Michelle. You make it look so easy.
    Will there be some of those amazing onions when Grandpa & I arrive?