Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making a Deal with Hannah

Hannah ended the school year on a high note when it came to the clarinet.  She was glad that she didn't quit.  So I did NOT say "I told you so"...out loud.

Anyway, I got a flyer for a band camp at the area high school.  It was a steal of a deal let me tell you.  Compared to the cost of everything else this summer, $30 for 5 half days of instruction was fantastic.  Her band instructor had mentioned the camp to me at the end of school and hoped that Hannah would take part.

Her initial reaction was a no...and I really didn't want summer to be about forcing her to do something she wasn't interested in.
I'd already done that with tennis lessons.
But that's another story.

So, I made a deal with her.  I told her that I wouldn't ask her to practice AT ALL this summer if she would go to the band camp.  It was 5 minutes away, 4 half days of practice and a short concert on Friday.


Her first day was OK, but she got into the groove, met some people and really enjoyed the rest of the week.

This is the advanced band - you can't see Hannah in this picture as she's in the 2nd row.

There she is!

Heading offstage

Proud?  YES!
She was in the advanced band group and the youngest student there!
And let me tell you, this was not typical "band" music...where lots of squeaks and off key notes are played.  These kids met on a Monday and by Friday, played a concert that I thought was unbelievable.

At the end of the concert, one of the instructors got on stage and said to the parents, "Whatever you do, don't go home and put these instruments away...keep your kids playing and practicing for the rest of the summer."

Uhhh...sorry...I made a deal!


  1. AWEsome, Hannah! I love you so much. You continue to impress and amaze me.

  2. Hannah, sweetheart, you're the greatest. You are so talented. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation. Granny and I love you. Even if mommy can't ask you to practice your music, I didn't make any promise, it wouldn't hurt to play a little every now and then.