Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our first summer list

I found this great idea on a cute blog that Joanna told me about.

I decided to try it this summer because we are going to be pretty busy, but still have lots of little things that we like to do each year!
So before Hannah left yesterday, we sat down and came up with a pretty good list.

If you click on my photo, you can read it much easier. The plans in yellow, since they are harder to read, are...
1. Swim Meet (in July in Moses Lake, WA)
2. Cabin with the Sentzes
3. School shopping
4. Zoo
5. Ohana Shave Ice (favorite snow cone stop)
6. Go to Portland

Not sure if we'll actually accomplish all of this, but its good to have a dream!

As a side note, I'm still getting to know this camera and I'm working on setting the image quality to a higher resolution so I can make my blog pictures bigger and not lose quality!

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