Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go Yakima Marlins!

Today was the first swim meet for Ivan and Jenelle since they've joined the Yakima YMCA Swim Team (nearly two months ago)! What a super event!

Here's some pics from the warm-up

Jenelle was a part of a 200m medley the 4th leg freestyle!

Although it doesn't appear so here, as Tom Petty says, "The waiting is the hardest part." We tried to make it easier with books, games, crayons and snacks, but sitting around for 2-3 hours before their races was definitely the tough part.

Finally, Ivan and Jenelle both participated in the 50m individual freestyle!

Let me say that I absolutely LOVE Jenelle's entry from the starting block. First of all, she's not afraid to start on the block...which impressed her coach since she's only seven and just starting out. Second, she usually hits the water with a pretty direct impact to her stomach, but doesn't care if it hurts and just starts swimming. And lastly, I know that it will disappear with time and practice, so I'm going to appreciate how stinkin' cute it is while it lasts!

We are sure proud of them. They understood that this was not a race to win, but to swim their best and to finish proudly! And they did just that!! Our next get big sis involved!


  1. Uncle Brian and I are also very proud of y'all for doing your best - impressive! Michelle, I LOVE your camera. Gosh, I can't wait to see y'all and give y'all lots of big hugs!

  2. Of course, it might just be the talent of the photographer that I LOVE!!!

  3. Granny says...
    Wonderful to see Ivan & Jenelle enjoying the water. Great pictures, Michelle. Hannah, I guess you don't want to mess up your hair. You just be yourself and enjoy.