Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Think We Have a Hobbit in the Neighborhood

Maybe it's because I've just finished reading the book, but I'm thinking that's Frodo Baggins in my front yard...and an elven princess.  They appear to be having a duel!'s really just Ivan and Jenelle, but seriously...check this picture out.

The grimace on the hobbit's face is making me wonder who's got the upper hand.
Well, all that will change today when our favorite hobbit gets a haircut.  So be sure to return for the "after" pictures soon.

Oh...and maybe you're wondering about the socks.
Ivan has made numerous attempts during the school year to sneak out of the house with these socks on.  I haven't let him for two reasons.
Firstly, uniform rules state white or navy blue socks.

Do I really have to state the second reason why these socks are SO wrong with a white polo and navy blue shorts?
But its summer now and I don't have the will to fight about clothes anymore.
When you wear white and navy blue for nine months of the year, shouldn't you be allowed to let your creative side through?  Bold colors - broad stripes - it's all good.


  1. I can't stop giggling about the socks! Too cute! And, I love how they play together, even if they are dueling!

  2. They do play awesome together! Ivan's lucky - neither of his sister's are too "girly girl" and especially Jenelle - she's up for almost any challenge!