Monday, August 1, 2011

I love you Seattle!

I love this beautiful city!
I love getting to know it a little better each time we visit.
Finding a new cafe or sight to see.

Unfortunately Hannah missed out on this early July visit as she was heading off to summer camp, but
Ivan, Jenelle and I picked Donald up from the airport (he was returning from the UK) and spent a night in Seattle before heading home.
Sadly, I didn't take my camera with me that evening as we strolled around the outdoor sculpture garden.
It was possibly the nicest evening I've ever seen Seattle, but oh well...

The next day we walked to breakfast at the DELICIOUS Bacco Cafe and then back to the hotel via Pike's Market.

I love the all the downtown alleyways near the waterfront.

Kell's is a fantastic Irish pub - a lot of fun at night!

Everything is so fresh!!
Fresh fruit and veg...

fresh seafood...

What are YOU looking at?

...and fresh flowers!
You can't believe the amount of flowers for sale!
They are all so gorgeous and they're everywhere!
I love imagining that I live nearby and each weekend I walk down to the market and buy a fresh bouquet for my home...something different each time.

After breakfast and packing our bags, we headed over to the Seattle Aquarium for our first time.
Get ready for a lot of pictures...I couldn't resist!

The blue creature in the lower left is actually a clam...out of its shell!  It was huge and beautiful!

Look at these amazing colors underwater!!

We found Nemo!!

My favorite part had to be this pair of otters that were soooo into grooming!  They just floated on their backs and enjoyed their own personal spa session!

I was very proud of Jenelle for touching a star fish (I think they call them sea stars now...) in the touch pools.

A few more minutes of fun outside...

...and then a tired group drives home.
The end.

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  1. Wonderful! My favorite are the seahorses.
    Thanks for sharing,