Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life after Mohawk

Yes...we have managed to go on without him.
It's a safe and comfortable life too.
No feeling of fear or need to duck for cover when we go outside.

Earlier this month, Ivan and Jenelle attended a week long Nature Day Camp at our local, and very beautiful, arboretum.
This was a five day, six hours per day, camp that taught the kids just about everything you would want to know regarding the local flora and fauna...with a lot of fun and games and popsicles mixed in.

They really loved it!
Despite warm temps, long hours and mosquito bites, they came home each day ready to go back for more.
The ONLY concern that had to be dealt with, particularly by Jenelle, was...MO!
If you remember, this is the same place that I brought Mo, and in the weeks ahead of the camp, we laughed and joked about how he was probably terrorizing the happy-go-lucky (unsuspecting) people visiting the arboretum.
It was all good fun and laughs until it was HER turn to be a happy-go-lucky visitor.
I had to lay it out there...the truth is he probably didn't make it.
But...if he was still flying about some where, no doubt he was done with us!

It worked and she had a wonderful worry-free time.

I have to admit that I do miss Mo a little.
I can hear bird calls that are just like his and for a second wish that he would come flying out of the trees.
With all its crazy ups and downs, it was a great experience for sure.

Now a couple of totally random pics...just because...
Some of you may have seen some of Hannah's manga or anime drawings.

Of course I'm her mother, but I think she's quite good.
She draws all sorts of characters, but in this case, kids in her class were required to do a self portrait of some sort, so she choose this style that she's become very adept at drawing.

Pretty cool huh?

This summer I bought some canvas and paints so the kids could paint pictures for their rooms.
Ivan and Jenelle worked on theirs the week Hannah was at camp.
Ivan's into Mario Bros. big time right now...
There's all sorts of symbols that have to do with the games...and even a little Jackson Pollock splatter effect going on at the bottom.

Jenelle went with a more feminine floral approach...
These were fun and can be exchanged each year for a new design!
Hannah has completed hers, but no picture yet.

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  1. Neat idea to hang their art. While Hannah was here she had never seen Donald's drawing of the cow at the farm.