Sunday, July 3, 2011


(cue Psycho music)

Yes - he found his way home!!!

Let me set the scene for you:

Kids enjoying chocolate covered popsicles for dessert after dinner in the front yard under the maple tree.
Mom planting marigolds in the flower beds.
Warm sun setting and a relaxing end to the day.

But hark!  What is that familiar sound I hear?
Oh...must be my imagination...

Mohawk dive bombs the family -
- like Jack Nicholson from The Shining, "Honey, I'm hoooooome!"
(notice all the horror movie references lately?)

Kids (and Moms) scatter like chickens...making mad dashes for the house!

He's right behind us...and he's HUNGRY!!
I didn't have any water soaked cat food for him BECAUSE I thought I'd never be feeding him again!
I grabbed a piece of lunch meat and starting shredding it fast.  
He gobbled that up and then went after my toes. 
I think he was a little mad about the abandonment earlier in the day.

This is getting absurd.

I managed to get him back into the box and this time I drove him to the arboretum.
Much further away from us, and an even nicer place for Mo to retire.

PLEASE don't come back Mo!
It's been a grand experience - really it has - but we need to go our separate ways now.
Find a girlfriend and a nice place to settle down and stay there!


  1. Dennis, Daniel and I just enjoyed the story of Mo. been doing lots of yard work and not having been on the computer much. Daniel is here today and after lunch Dennnis said I should get on your blog. So I did and started reading out loud so Daniel could hear the story. We were all laughing. We think you need to write a child story book. Great

  2. Oh my goodness!!! My sides are hurting from laughing at what has transpired! The pictures I have in my head of his return... oh, this is good stuff... So did he come back the same day you set him free?

    He is so cute in the pictures, and he loves y'all so much for saving his life. Awww!

  3. It really has been funny! Not so much while its happening, but when I relive it while putting it on the blog, it gets me laughing too! So far, he's not found his way home...which is good thing although I do miss him a little.

  4. THIS is hilarious! I am behind on reading your blog, but it keeps getting better and better!