Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hannah in Texas

Hannah got a wonderful opportunity to travel to Texas and visit with family this summer - sans siblings!!
Because of Donald's frequent travels to the UK and my sister's visit here, we were able to coordinate her flights to and from the Lone Star State.
(not quite ready for her to travel solo)
Hannah flew back with Steph and the boys and started her trip at their house.
Here's Logan, Hannah and Dalton...
Look how much they've grown!
August 2005 (Hannah, Dalton, Ivan and Logan)
I seriously want to smooch on those sweet soft chubby cheeks they all have! 

Steph and Eddy have always had the sweetest dogs...and Hannah has always loved them.
Samson has to top the list of sweethearts!!

After an absolutely fun-filled time in San Antonio, she traveled towards the Houston area and hung out with Meema and Papa.
Hannah got a chance to meet the newest addition to the family.
Her name is Cora Hodge and she's a doll!
This is my cousin Ben and his wife Bridget's little girl and you can read more about her at Bridget's blog by clicking here!

Now on to Austin!
A busy trip since quite a few of our family members are here...
Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents!
Hannah was anxious to meet Rosie.
We've all been anxious since, oh, I'd say around the middle of December!  :)
Thanks to her mom and dad, we get to "watch" Rosie grow through pictures and video...

...but of course nothing compares to "real life"!
Wow...my girl used to be the one wearing onsies and holding sweet little toys!
Who replaced her with this young little lady!?

Hannah had a great time with Papaw and Maw Maw Vick...eating sushi, ice cream and visiting places I've not yet been to!
I'm jealous!  :)

And she had a chance to hang with her Ross cousins... Richard and Cole!
Aunt Susan took them to the Pedernales State Park to try and get some relief from the heat!
Tired just thinking about all that running around...in addition to the triple digit heat!
But Hannah LOVED it all!

Her final stop was a visit to see Granny and Grandpa before Dad flew in to take bring her home!
I was SO happy when I saw her happy beautiful face at the airport!
She was full of excitement from her trip - it couldn't have been more awesome!
But what I loved was that she was also ready to be home!!
Thank you family...you made her summer!!


  1. Aunt Joanna and Rosie (who won't take a nap!!!)August 30, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    She was an absolute pleasure to be around. Thank you for sharing some of your summer with us, Hannah. We LOVED having you here!

  2. Hannah is a delightful young lady. It was wonderful to visit with her! Michelle, you are a brave mom! It must have been hard to have her away.

  3. Hannah, it was great to have you here in TX with us. You are a very special young lady and so delightful to be around. Rose loved you and so do all of us.