Saturday, August 6, 2011

Texas Visitors

July held a visit from Stephanie and the boys!
The last time my sister came to Washington was right after Hannah was born...a long time ago!
Of course we've been to Texas since then, but I was excited for them to have a chance to escape the Texas heat and to show off our wonderful state!
Mostly though, I was looking forward to laughing, sharing and just spending time together with our kids!
The kids and I picked them up in Seattle and we stopped to eat in Ellensburg on the way home.
After dinner, we stopped at the reflector house...called Dick and Jane's Spot.  You can read about it here.
A fun place to see.
I'd love to know what was said that had them all on the edge of laughter here...

We got home and it was a beautiful evening, so the kids just played outside and reacquainted themselves with each didn't take long.

While they played and enjoyed the company, Steph and I relaxed and watched with a glass of wine.
A perfect start!


  1. Cousins!!! I bet you all made lots of great memories!!!

  2. Times they and you will always remember!