Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School

It's that time of year again!
The summer went so fast this time.
Usually I am chomping at the bits for school to start, but for some reason this year, it snuck up on me.
Life just gets more hectic during the school year and this summer there was a lot of "chill" time and it was nice for everyone.

But, nevertheless, they are going back, so here are some pictures from their first day!

They're happy, but not actually as insanely happy as their expressions would imply.

Now they're supposed to be acting cool.
But when you're 12, you realize you can be cool by simply standing still in the midst of chaos

My 7th grader...wow!
This year brings mascara and lipgloss...I think she wears it very nicely.
I said yes when asked because I knew, possibly from personal experience???, that there was a good chance she might be tempted to put it on at school anyway.

My 3rd grader.
Will any teacher be able to resist those eyes???!!!

And my 5th grader.
He gets irritated when I say it, but...isn't he handsome?

And finally, who can forget the new shoes.
When your choices are white, navy blue and khaki, you really look forward to new shoes!

For the past few years, when I take back to school pics, I also let the kids do "crazy faces".

Here are some from the past...
 Group insanity...

And 2010...

So this year, I provided the same opportunity.
But they weren't all as excited about participating.
Well, Ivan was...

And Jenelle was...
For the love of Pete!
Make that camera go away!!

I feel lucky just to get the "regular" photos, so I'll not push my luck!


  1. Happy New School Year!!! I love the first day of school pictures, and thanks for the flashback. Happy smiles, beautiful girls and a very handsome boy! Those new shoes look good! Rosie and I walk by her future school each morning and we watch the children hurrying into school with their backpacks and lunchbags. We think about her cousins doing the same... I hope this school year is fabulous!

  2. Love the checker shoes! You all have so much fun together. That is so great! Enjoy the year!