Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Birthdays

July is the month for two very closely spaced birthdays.
Hannah turned 12 this year.
She requested angel food cake....that was always my favorite when I was growing up.
I didn't have the right sort of cake pan, so I made cupcakes which turned out delish!

Oh glitter!
I love it!
I found this safe for food sparkly glitter at the cake decorating shop and had to use it on the cupcakes!

Sibling love...no really...I mean it...really...
You sure are growing up lovely sweet girl.

Next on the birthday list is Ivan...turning 10!!
Leaving the world of single digits behind.

Green Lantern was the requested theme this year.
Trying to get the icing this green and black was a chore...and didn't do the flavor of the icing any favors...

Ooooh...a light up Green Lantern ring!

Cake decorations you can use...cool!

Scary photo bomb from Hannah!

Now its time to get serious.
Real. Serious.

Pounce was the target but remained cool, calm and unperturbed as green bullets rained down on him...or nearby him really...
I love you little man...who's not so little anymore!

Oh!  I forgot to mention two very cool birthday gifts they received this year.
Hannah got one she's been hoping for for a long time.
Her own room.

And Ivan got a gift he wasn't expecting...
a pocket knife from Dad!

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  1. Love all the pictures!
    Love all of you,