Thursday, June 23, 2011


The day started out with me putting the bird into the trees.
He spent the night outside in the yard, under his makeshift birdhouse.
He wasn't happy to be trapped in there all night.

It was a chilly morning... somebody put on their puffy jacket.

If you don't really believe that it could be that chilly, take a look at what we ran across only 1 1/2 hours outside of town.

Even the restrooms were still snowed in.

This is the snow level on Chinook Pass.
They only just opened the pass today for the summer, but unfortunately, the hiking areas we would love to have gone to here are, well, not ready to be hiked on I guess.

Just a few miles back in the direction we came and the snow was completely gone.
We wanted to hike Union Creek Falls, but because of the heavy snow melt, the bridges that cross the creek had been washed out.
We had to settle for a short walk along the creek instead.

We still had fun although our next outing will be a bit more planned out.
Ivan did the usual - pick up large sticks as soon as we step out of the car.
He's got his Cabo hat on - ready for action!

A thinker on a rock

and a 'moss'stache...get it!?

We're having a great start to the summer!
We've made our summer list (an idea I found on this fabulous blog last year) and are ready for all our adventures!

Dollar store was not my idea...just saying.

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  1. WOW!!! Look at that snow - it's June!!! Our weather is so messed up... Love the thinker, love the 'moss'stache girl, and love the stick-boy... that reminds me of Hunter and his love for sticks/logs!!!