Monday, June 20, 2011

Alive and Cheeping...Loudly!

Tomorrow will be one week since we found the helpless baby bird we named Mohawk.
I've never seen anything change so fast!

Day 6

Day 7

And the crazy thing is...he's changed even since these last three pictures were taken this morning!
He's getting more and more fidgety just hanging around.
I moved him to a smaller...and shorter nest - a long ago retired Easter basket.
He doesn't need a lot of space to move around, but he sure wants to see over the side!
Tonight he even took a little jump up onto the edge of the basket.
And also...ah oh!
What next?

In other news around the home, I forgot to mention we have a third member of the family who is capable (with some assistance) of mowing the yard.
That's not a scowl of anything other than excertion, but...
Does she love it?
Does she still have to do it?
Do we pay her?
Can I believe how fast SHE is growing up?

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  1. We love the updates on Mohawk! He is changing wicked fast!!! Hannah, you are so pretty! And not many people can say they look that good doing yardwork... I'm so jealous of your green grass!!! Maybe we should 'summer' in Yakima!