Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bird Update - Day 9

The wild world is calling - that is for certain.

Mohawk was very impatient this morning.
He hesitated in his basket for only a moment today.

He flew (flapped) straight over to me. 
I lifted him up to the fence line and he took no time at all to hop onto the fence and fly (leap?) straight onto a branch of the trees in our neighbors yard.
He landed safely...much to my surprise, but probably not his.
It's a pretty good even has a pool side view.

And lest you think he's nervous or anxious sitting there in the wide wild world...

Pure contentment.

As best I can figure with lots of googling, he is a blackbird species.
A run of the mill bird to most...but most amazing to us!

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  1. Oh, wow! Did he make it back to the nest? Or is this it? - Guess I will have to wait and find out:)