Thursday, June 16, 2011


Two days ago, I was sitting in my kitchen with the windows open.
I heard a commotion and recognizing the sound, I figured he was at it again.
Yes him.
Bird killer.

The sound was typical...a frantic cheep cheep cheeping!
I don't usually get involved, but when I looked out the window, something looked different.
He sauntered up the driveway with a mouthful of something and plopped it down on the grass and proudly sat beside it.
IT turned out to be a helpless baby bird!

Jenelle and I went outside to get a closer look and our neighbor joined us.
Amazingly, the bird managed to make it from wherever he was captured all the way to our Pounce's mouth...unharmed.

So, we have adopted a baby bird - of what sort we don't know yet - for the next 10 days or so.
He started out looking so fragile...

We put him in a little box with some straw to make him warm and comfortable...then...

Now what?

After a little online searching, I found that you can feed them boiled sliced egg whites and mash the yolk with a little milk.
Ivan frantically pointed out that this was a sort of cannibalism.
Hadn't thought of that.

After more reading, I understood that the bird had a very little chance of survival with us.
I would have loved to put him back in a nest (it's a myth that the mother's won't take them back...they can't actually smell our human scent), but after searching - and not really knowing where he came from in the first place - we were unable to find a nest.

Anyway, he made it through the first night in the garage and the next morning I decided to try and call for help.
I called the animal shelter, but they have no resources for birds.
They referred me to the Fish and Wildlife department.
I found the name of the person who takes in small birds.
She told me that she wouldn't take any hatchlings or nestlings (of which he is one) as they are too much work..."not worth the effort".
She told me that if I wasn't going to keep it, then I should wrap it in a newspaper and hit its head with a brick!


Jenelle was in tears when she thought I might kill the bird.
I will not kill the bird.
I cannot kill the bird.
He has a face only a mother could love but...

He has made it through two nights and two days.
He spends his nights in the garage and his days on the back porch...under a weighted laundry basket much to Pounce's frustration.
He chirps and chirps like crazy when he hears our voices.
He gobbles up dried cat food that has been soaked in water and today he ate fresh dug worms!
He closes his eyes, chirps softly and falls asleep after a tummy full of food.
He's already bigger and stronger than two days ago.

I know he still may not make it.
But I would rather teach my kids this lesson than the other one.
I'll keep you posted!


  1. OHHHH!!! that is awesome! how coo it will be if he makes it! can you even imagine killing a bird with a brick???? who could do that?
    i couldn't even drive in the car to take our cat to be put down. it was too sad.
    good for you for trying to help!
    i hope it turns out great!

  2. That bird is so precious... and lucky. You and the kids are good parents to it.

  3. I don't like this kind of behavior, Sir Pounce! But I love your expression... Jenelle, you are so pretty! Mohawk, you are lucky to have found this family - that brick thing is terrible...