Saturday, August 25, 2012

To the Coast

So after our day at the zoo, we headed back to Boeing and picked up Donald.
We had dinner at Ivar's in Mukilteo and it was delicious!
Fresh seafood!!

We spent the night in Seattle and the next day we took a drive south and headed down towards the Oregon coast.

Our first stop was at Fort Columbia State Park in Washington - just before we crossed the river into Oregon.

Donald and I came here years ago...before we were married.
It was on that trip, in fact, that we both decided that we would want to live in the Northwest if we ever had the chance.

You can read more about Fort Columbia here if you are interested.

This picture of Ivan and Jenelle reminded Donald and me of my dad many years ago when he was in the US Navy.
Except I'm pretty certain the gun he was sitting on could actually do some damage!
Isn't he so handsome!?

Right afterward, we crossed the bridge to Astoria, OR to see the Astoria Column.
This trip makes twice for the kids, five times for Donald I think, and four times for me.
Its a neat place but...
...and I'm only speaking for myself here,
but just like the zoo - I think I'm done.

I don't normally hold my kids like this anymore.
They're a little big.
But we were trying to re-enact a pictures from our trip in the summer of 2006.

Close, but not exactly.
Six years makes quite a difference!

Next we stopped at a spot on the coast called Arcadia Beach and hung out there for a little while.

The beach was summertime-crowded and the tide was out and the day was cloudy, so we didn't stay too long.
But we will return...very soon!!

Our last stop of the day, before we headed to our hotel in Portland, was Tillamook.
This is a favorite stop!
I have been here many times as well, but am always keen to return.
Unfortunately, so is the rest of the world!
In the years that Donald and I have been coming to visit, their cheese, ice cream and general reputation have been gaining popularity.
The place was packed to the walls and we could just manage to get upstairs, take a quick peek at things, get an ice cream cone and get the heck out of there!

The kiddos have been here before as well, so I leave you with another picture from the summer of 2006.

Next - the last leg of our journey!

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  1. You are so sweet. Yes, indeed, those very barrels did a significant amount of damage during the Viet Nam offensive. I certainly do miss the youthful adventure represented by that photo and others.