Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sometimes you just don't see it happening.
I work hard to keep my body in shape.
Probably haven't ever been this fit in my life...
I color my hair to hide the grey and I try to stay away from "motherly" clothing.

So in my mind, I'm not middle aged...

But then something will hit me out of the blue to remind me that I'm not stopping the clock...

And this picture was one of those "somethings" -

I actually love the picture - Hannah took it.
I love the smiles on our faces...Jenelle's with just a tiny bit of "crazy" in it.
But man!
Talk about a contrast!

There's no going back and I probably wouldn't if I could, but I'll be honest in saying that I'd like to stop now please.

I remember when I was growing up and my mom and I were walking together in a parking lot.
There was a whistle from somewhere and later my mom either told me, or I heard her tell someone else, that she realized that day that the whistles were not necessarily for her anymore.

Well, I'm just not sure when it happened, but... I am - the mom that realizes times are a changing!

And I know who the whistles would be for these days...

So no...
I don't like to have to cover my roots or wear glasses, but here it is anyway.
I'm grateful for my family and my health and just being here to moan about growing old.

And I love watching my two beautiful daughters grow lovelier and lovelier inside and out.

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  1. You worked hard for those smile lines! Good for you for embracing them!