Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Loretta was tasty!

Forgot to tell about Jenelle's cabbage Loretta!
She is no longer with us...

We harvested her a few weeks ago.

Donald got the scale out and weighed her.
She was a huge gal!
I think the initial weighing was around 42 pounds!
Ivan tried not to act like it, but he was discouraged because his was only 20 something...
And he was not happy about that!

I was thinking that 42 pounds seemed like a lot...too much actually.
So, I looked back at the pictures from his cabbage harvest and realized that his cabbage had been cleaned up a bit before the weigh in...most baby cabbages and large outer leaves removed.

So I suggested we have a re-weigh for fairness.
Jenelle's cabbage weighed 21 pounds this time.
Slightly less than Ivan's weighed...
So both kids went from either joy to sorrow...or sorrow to about 10 minutes.

Well, we called it a tie because we couldn't be sure how much of Ivan's cabbage had been removed or not, etc.
Regardless, we were left with a seriously big cabbage.

The one advantage Jenelle's cabbage had was that it was deliciously healthy on the inside.

It tasted good raw...
...and cooked as well.

And now I'm DONE!
No more giant cabbages please.

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  1. Yum! What a fabulous project! And your garden is gorgeous!