Friday, August 31, 2012

Onion Obsession!

A while back we harvested the biggest crop in our garden...onions!
Donald grew enough onions last year that I only went to the store twice for onions before our crop this year was ready!
That's a lot of onions and this years harvest was even bigger!!

Now we are all very proud of Donald's garden.
We pick the fruits of his labor, but is his labor and he does a great job!
But no one is more proud of his onion crop than him!
So, when harvest time comes...many pictures are taken.
Some of these pictures are with, as he calls them, the Onion Queens.
It's their job to showcase the onions with pride and glory!

Sometimes an Onion King is allowed to present the onions!
But usually he's off doing other important things...
Pretty soon I said, "Hey, that's enough pictures of onions I think".
But I guess I was wrong...
I got called out later to take some very unusual onion shots!

But, when you are proud of your work, you showcase it right?
So without further ado - here is the masterpiece I call "Onion Obsession"!
Onion rings anyone?


  1. Wow! Fun pics!

    And that is A LOT of onions!!!

  2. That crop of onions is most impressive! I can smell the pride of the caretaker! And I'd love to come by for onion rings!!!

  3. Your family won't be able to breathe on anyone for months!