Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Old Golden Rule Days!

They are here again!

This year I have a fourth grader...

A sixth grader...

And an 8th grader!

Do you notice something different about this picture?
Ivan is finally getting to wear something other than blue and white!
When you're in middle school, you change to khaki bottoms and either navy, white, green or light blue shirts.
He told me this morning that he is very excited to be out of "uniforms" he wears "dress code".
I'm going to just let him believe that its a huge difference...

Another Ivan funny of the morning...
He came out of his bedroom after getting dressed and shouted, "I don't even know who I am!!"
He felt so different.
Partly because of the uniform and partly because of his back-to-school haircut on Sunday.


And after...
That kid can grow a lot of hair in three months!
And while his summer locks are great, the short hair sure makes those blue eyes POP!

Jenelle was excited about her Converse shoes this year.
And they are fun!
They came with black laces but we hunted down sparkly silver and I think they look much better!!

Hannah's favorite 'back-to-school' item this year was probably her backpack.
I was surprised by her choice - its not like anything else she has - but I LOVE what she ended up with!

Each year the kids do a "crazy" picture after I take their official first day of school pictures...
So, I'm certain they will appreciate my sharing this with the world...
Ivan has just figured out how to make himself look really nuts with his new short hair.
Jenelle is doing a favorite pose...not quite sure what she calls it.
And Hannah's doing "duck lips" - thankfully she's mocking them - not quite sure why so many girls think this is a good look!

And so their day began!
It was only a half day...I was back to pick them up at 11:30.
Tomorrow starts their full days.
Oh my...what will I do with myself!


I'll figure something out!


  1. Was Ivan's haircut mandated? I love it long and personally think the long hair makes his eyes "pop".

    But "rules am rules" as Yogi Berra may have said back in the day.

  2. A half day the first day! Ingenious! The students would be home just in time for happy hour to begin!

  3. Ivan's a babe no matter how you cut it. I do like it long and tousled, but just took Jack to get his cut tonight...
    You sure have beautiful babies--enjoy 'em, mama!

  4. Dad, boys hair has to be above the ears, off the neck and out of the eyes, so he could have had it a bit longer, but Ivan chose to have it cut this close - just wanted a change!

    Bridget...definitely spoken from a teacher's perspective! Haha! I say give me all or nothing...none of this "half day" stuff!

    Christina... :) Thank you!

  5. I love seeing beautiful, HAPPY faces on the first day of school!!! I hope you all have amazing teachers, ready to challenge you as you take on another year of learning! (Is that second comma necessary?! - It's been too long...)