Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Buds!

All of a sudden things are growing!
I messed around with my camera's manual focus to get some close up shots of new growth around our house.

This are blooms on a dogwood tree that I received for Mother's Day almost 3 years ago.  It had white blooms on it when we bought it, but then each year afterwards, it had no flowers.  I was beginning to give up hope...thinking that we had done something wrong when we planted it. But it looks like this year it will actually flower.

Miniature purple tulips in our front bed are starting to open!

The blueberry bushes (purchased the same Mother's Day as the dogwood) have proven themselves fruitful each year.  And each year they make more and more delicious blueberries!  No comparison to store bought fruit!

Oregano coming back after the winter.

And lavender!!!

Finally, the lilac trees!

We haven't had a winter to speak of and I had wondered if I would be as excited for spring as I usually am after cold, snow and gray for so long.
I am!

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