Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Week in Pictures: 22 March - 28 March

3/22 - Donald and Ivan went on an early morning hike.  They left before dawn and made it to the top of Mt. Clemens in time to watch the sunrise.  Ivan came home with a fist full of wildflowers for me.  They lasted all week!

3/23 - Ivan's 8th grade drama group had their play on Monday.  They created it themselves and it was very funny.  Ivan got the lead and was a Star Wars loving video gamer named Ricky Jones.  He had the whole school cracking up!  He's a natural!

3/24 - I had a horrible cold that really knocked me out on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The worst is over...but now I'm just annoying everyone with my cough!

3/25 - Hannah's high school spring break trip to France and Spain started on Wednesday.  She knows I have self diagnosed "Passport Paranoia"!  So...I get this!!

3/26 - Bubbles before school!

3/27 - I put together a menu of 12 meals and some extras.  I grocery shopped for most of it on Friday and am thrilled that I have almost all the ingredients in the house ready to go!  I can always hope we get a lot of leftovers out of this, but these days our meals don't seem to stretch quite as far!

3/28 - Getting ready for Wine & Cheese (at home) date night!  It's when I really show off my excellent parenting skills and feed the kids pizza rolls, mac and cheese and carrot sticks!

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  1. I like your at home date night. Would that be a date with yourself, or does it actually involve interacting with others?