Monday, March 9, 2015

A Week in Pictures: 1 March - 7 March

3/1 - What?!  March already?  A warm winter has brought us an early spring.  Ivan's first mow of the season.  The last couple of years Donald or I would mow the edges of the lawn for him, but this year he can handle the whole thing on his own!

3/2 - I've been trying to add a few things to our walls lately.  I found this mirror at Hobby Lobby (thanks Mom!) and a place where it fits perfectly!

3/3 - Tuesday morning with Ivan:  Me: "Have a good day!"  Ivan:  "YOU have a good day matter too!"

3/4 - Working on a custom drawer liner order for a woman in London!

3/5 - Hannah leaving tennis practice and laughing at my ridiculous attempt to slyly take her picture.

3/6 - Jenelle and her friend Margaret at the St. Joe's Fish Fryday!  They are excellent helpers!
(photo courtesy of a fellow St. Joe's parent)

3/7 - Saturday morning breakfast for the man (and me!)

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