Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Week in Pictures: 15 March - 21 March

3/15 - Sunday Funday!

3/16 - My lunch!  Lots of salt and pepper and real butter!  No one else (even Donald) really wants to eat asparagus.  They have some at dinner if I make it, but its not by choice.  I don't know what's wrong with them...this stuff is amazing!  Spring is the season for asparagus and its grown all over our valley, so the freshest stuff is about to hit the market!

3/17 - The girls rooms aren't the only ones that get a bit shabby at times!

3/18 - I'm so in love with where we live!  I feel like the luckiest person sometimes!  Mt. Adams, when not covered up by clouds is spectacular!

3/19 - Ivan showing off his battle scars from karate and the punching bag!

3/20 - The newest addition to my KitchenAid products!  My old Sunbeam hand mixer, that we had since we were married 18 years ago, finally wore out!

3/21 - The neighborhood is changing.  This is our next door neighbor, whose son just started driving. His car is in the driveway and his three friends cars are parked in the road.  We'll be adding another vehicle to the street this summer when Hannah starts to drive.  Everyone is growing up!

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