Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hannah's Hand

Hannah's right hand and wrist haven't had a lot of luck lately.
We took her to NW Orthopedics a couple of weeks ago.
Her wrist was getting pretty tender after starting tennis this season.
Turns out she had some tendonitis.
He prescribed a bit of rest, ice, ibuprofen and a wrist brace.
She was pretty bummed because she's been placed on Varsity this year and wasn't able to play in their  first match.

Then, the Saturday before she left for her trip to Europe, she was helping Donald trim the hedges.

A slight slip of the right hand lead to a trip to the ER for a total of 9 stitches!!
Thank goodness Donald was outside with her for the initial injury...
Some of you know how poorly I would have dealt with that!!
After assessing that she had all of her fingers, I drove her to the hospital.

They did a great job of stitching her back together and said that she was fine to go on her trip as long as she took care of her wounds and came in as soon as she returned to remove the stitches.
She had some very large bandages on for two days and by the time she left for her trip, all she needed were bandaids.
What a mess!

My head kept going back to what could have been...and we're grateful for only 9 stitches!!
She's told me this week that her hand is doing well and her wrist doesn't hurt, so it looks like tennis might actually happen when she returns!!

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  1. It looks like she has made up with her injurer. I have a feeling that you did not.