Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year!

No blog resolutions this year, but I do realize its been a long time since I posted anything.
I anticipate 2014 to be full of blog worthy activities, so I thought I'd play a bit of catch up (Halloween in January, Christmas in usual style) and see if I can't keep on top of things.

I left off in Fall...
This was the first Halloween in the past several that I don't have a Sentz/Baumbach group photo.
Hannah and Jack had their own activities this year.
Hannah got together with a group of her friends to hang out and go trick or treating.
She and several of her friends were wearing masquerade masks.
The one she chose was so pretty its still sitting out on her desk!
Ivan went as Bilbo Baggins!
I was pretty surprised we were able to pull together the pieces that he needed for his costume.
The length of his hair added to the Hobbit look!
His feet actually looked cooler when he took off these ridiculous socks I made him wear to the school carnival (thanks a lot Mom!).
Donald's wedding band made a perfect "One Ring to rule them all"!
Almost from the beginning of the school year, it seems, Colin and Jenelle began hatching an idea for their costumes.
They planned on being an elderly couple...Jenelle would be the old man and Colin would be the old lady.
Renee and I were surprised and impressed that they stuck with this idea and pulled it amazing fashion!!
Jenelle will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think their names were Henry and Frances.
Seriously awesome!

So that was what I thought was all of Halloween.
But after I started looking through my camera, I saw something quite terrifying...
Horsehead Man... really eerie photos!

Don't turned out to be Donald and Hannah "horsing around".
(yep...pretty bad pun!)


  1. Horsehead Man's random pictures made me laugh out loud. A bit too much.

  2. Great costumes! Love the mask, so pretty! Love the hobbit, so perfect - the hair, the cloak, those feet! And love the elderly couple! So clever!

  3. The horse head man is a-mazing! Just completely a-mazing... I can't stop staring at him... And laughing. The way he is just standing there. The photographer deserves much of the credit. The angle, the off-centered shots. Creative, creepy and a-mazing!!!