Monday, October 28, 2013

Braces, Autumn, Cats and Apple Pie

I could win contests on the creativity of my blog post titles!

Hannah got braces!
She was kind enough to take this selfie for me when the doctor stepped out for a few minutes...
And a more relaxed position...
They are only on the top teeth right now.
We go back in December to get the bottom set.
Very exciting!
Stay tuned and we'll show you the results in about two years.

Up until yesterday, we have had the most amazing fall weather!
And the colors have been brighter than I remember in Yakima!
Very cool mornings and evenings with beautiful sunny days and temperatures in the 70's.
But early Sunday morning a front blew in and took away the warm days - and most of the leaves off the trees as well.
With the cooler weather setting in, Sir Pounce takes advantage of warm cars as quickly as he can!

And finally - pie!
We have had the motherload of apples this year from our orchard friends!
I've made lots of applesauce and many many pies at the request of Ivan and Donald.
One night after a dinner out, Donald and I came home to see this...
He's even done some "dessert math" to prove that he has taken the first slice.

Soon after this pie had been eaten - I was told to please don't make any more apple pies for a while.
Not sure, but this could have been the fourth of fifth pie that those two had devoured in a couple of weeks.

And that's our start to the fall! 


  1. Hannah's orthodontic action photo. YES!

  2. Gorgeous Hannah and that sweet cuddly kitty cat! Love you all!