Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pirate Plunder...again!

We did it again!
Donald and I participated in the 2nd Pirate Plunder event.
I was in much better shape last year and as a result, I wasn't as excited this year...worried about the 2 mile run at the beginning...which was definitely as awful as I'd expected.
But we had a beautiful day for it and...well...we had already paid, etc.
So - there was no getting out of it!

Here are the pictures that were taken that day...
Sooooo muddy this year!!
At the end I was so glad I did it (and glad to be finished) that I found myself saying, "That was awesome...I'm going to do it again next year!"
And I will - but I'll probably gripe about it first.


  1. The two of you are bad @$$es. Check out that last photo and the mutual relief / administration. Love it!

  2. The couple that plays together stays together... Though I don't think nobody playin'!