Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's it like to be Ivan!?

You are incredibly talented at Lego creations!
And never give up hope that you will win a Lego creation contest one day!

You are proud of your ridiculously messy room!
And laugh when your dad dumps your laundry basket out on your floor for photographic effect!

You wear shoes that are falling apart, ducted taped (at school much to my horror!) and drawn on!

You order a club sandwich that leaves you so full, you draw your nightmare on the "to go" box when you get home!
"Club sandwich attacks boy!"
(but are thankful the next day that you brought home the leftovers because now you're hungry again!)

You wrap your Christmas gift to your mom in such a way that makes her love you even more!

That's how cool it is to be Ivan!


  1. And I absolutely LOVE you, Ivan! You are the coolest!

  2. I think I want to be Ivan, too. (toss off the ham, replace with roast beef; toss of the American cheese, replace with cheddar) and the shoes... the shoes.

    Duct tape no longer only comes in silver (No offense, Joanna), but all manner of colors AND camouflage.


  3. I would like to be Ivan when I grow up!

  4. Comment left by Granny and Grandpa Baumbach:

    So true, you are cool and talented.
    Love the picture of you on the floor with all you treasure around you.
    My grandma would be proud you are keeping a pair of shoes you love for as long as you can.
    Ivan, you are a family treasure.
    Love you,
    Granny and grandpa