Friday, January 17, 2014

Basketball Season at St. Joe's

Ivan decided to give basketball a try this year!
I was excited for him.  
Originally he said he wasn't interested, but then he came home one day and said he was going to do it!
This past summer he and Donald went to the local elementary school a few times to "shoot some hoops", but with the exception of that, Ivan had never played a day of basketball in his life!

There were several weeks of practice and learning before the boys played their first game. 
Most of the boys had never played on a team before, but many of them had been playing basketball outside at recess for a lot of years.
Ivan definitely came to the team with the least amount of experience.

To be honest, there was quite a bit of this...
 and some of this...

But for #30, not a lot of time on the court.

Ivan's a pretty content guy, but he did grow discouraged.
Thankfully, we are blessed with coaches who listen and want each kid to have a positive experience and come back for the 8th grade team.
They listened to Ivan and gave him more opportunity for learning and scrimmaging during practice so that he felt more confident when he was put in the game.
They made him feel like he was as valuable as any player.

So how did the season end?
Ivan scored his one and only basket during the last 40 seconds in the last game of the season.
The "mom" crowd erupted in cheers (and I squeezed out a few tears)!
Ivan reacted very casually and said it felt "pretty good"!
I'll bet!

After the season and winter break are over, they get the parents and boys to play a game of basketball.
I did my time during Hannah's volleyball years so it was Donald's turn!
It was a fun game to watch!

I'd say there was a certain size advantage for the in particular!

And then there's the Father/Son aspect of the game...
He knows Dad is out there...
 He's getting closer!

After their hard work, they were rewarded with cake and trophies!

These are the only reason Jenelle came along...
So proud of you Ivan!
You finished your first season of basketball - even though it was tough at times.
And you were rewarded with a trophy and the recognition of being the most improved player!


  1. So proud of you, Ivan! You have great patience and perseverance. Rosie sings, "keep trying, you'll get better" from Daniel Tiger... YouTube it! Anyway, love seeing you play, wish I could be in the stands! Love you. Smart girl, Jenelle. I'm all about the cake, too!

  2. I love the photos of Donald "schooling" those kids. Way to hang in there, Ivan! :)

  3. Haha! Bridget - that is exactly what he was doing and he loved every minute of it!