Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Other Creative Girl!

We've been doing a few artsy and crafty things lately.
I'm sick of cold and uncomfortable weather that keeps us all inside.
Being inside turns to screen/tv/video time and its getting old.
So, until the weather turns nicer...and heck!...even after, we are being crafty and creative.

While Hannah worked on her bracelets, Jenelle finished a little project we thought up a few weeks ago.
We bought a few 8 x 10 canvas boards and some glitter.
Not your standard gold and silver glitter - we found neon colored glitter in a 6 pack!
This IS Jenelle we are talking about!
I suggested we cover a canvas with Mod Podge (crafter's greatest invention - this stuff is amazing!) and then cover the Mod Podge with glitter.
In my head I imagined a very abstract look.
I pictured her sprinkling glitter randomly all over the canvas, so I was surprised to see her laying it out in thick lines.
The end result was so pretty!
She had all her colors in rainbow order and after we let the glue dry a bit, we shook off the extra glitter and then sealed it with a Krylon spray made specifically to allow glitter to keep its shine.
After that dried, we were ready to hang her art.
A perfect addition to her glittery rainbow world!


  1. Wow, Jenelle, that is quite lovely. So you have done this twice?