Monday, February 11, 2013

My Weekend

We finally had a weekend that makes me believe spring hasn't forgotten us!
Saturday was okay, but Sunday was beautiful.
Sun and warmer temperatures.
They motivate me!

I had a couple of projects for Etsy to finish and I did that.
Sachets for a baptism in Canada...
and eye pillows for a wedding in Arizona.

Last spring, I bought a $30 desk for Hannah from a lady on Craigslist.
It was painted a hideous black, but it was solid wood and had potential at a very good price!
Came with a nice chair as well!

I put off working on it last year, but now it's time.
I've started the exciting process of stripping and sanding.
It's a lot of work, but will be fun to see what comes of it!
The kids have a long weekend coming up - with more sun and warmer (50's) temperatures expected - so Hannah will have a chance to help me sand transform her new desk!


  1. Love your lavender satchets! I'm gonna have to order some once I clean out my closet and drawers. I'm purging - too much stuff!!!
    And I can't wait to see the desk.

  2. Have you heard any follow up from Martha Stewart and crew yet? I'm excited to see your talent in an official publication. Please share!