Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grade School Musical

Once again, the annual St. Joe's Drama Club put on their performance and this year it was a large musical that had around 60-70 actors/singers/dancers in one epic performance!

If you remember last year, there was some sadness because the program is for elementary aged kids and so it was Ivan's last year to perform.
He has loved being a part of this club for the past three years.

He was able to help though.
His drama instructor appreciates the help of the middle school kids since there are a lot of very young kiddos running around who need some direction.

A few weeks into the practices, I received this email...

Mrs. Baumbach,
                I have always enjoyed working with your children in our drama club, but Ivan has been especially valuable to me this year. I keep missing opportunities to tell him myself, so I wanted to let you know. He is a natural leader – directing our younger actors and actresses with compassion, discipline and patience. His approach with me has been, “Good afternoon, Mr. Mattson. How can I help today?”
                I was a tad on the emotional side when he finished last year’s play knowing that our time together in this program was over – it’s easy to bond with a student who puts his heart into the content.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have Ivan with us again!

Of course my heart about burst!

On top of that - a few weeks later - Ivan found out he would be able to have a small part as an "understanding father" in the play because one of the 4th grade actors decided he didn't want to be on stage.
His instructor allowed him to fill that role and he was thrilled.
Awww...look how understanding he is!

As far as stage roles go, this was Jenelle's year for a bigger part!
She was sooooo anxious in the hours before the play!
She played a mom who, of course unknowingly - :), embarrasses her son when his friends come over.
This is Jenelle and her "husband" happily looking through their son's baby book while his friends are over.
Her son breaks into a very cute rap song about how "Parent's Just Don't Understand!", while Jenelle dances and mimes the lyrics at him.
Funny lyrics that talked about his mom buying him clothes from the 1980's (the olden days?!?!) and being embarrassed by her.
I don't know how they make this stuff up...
 She did a great job and it was really cute!

At the end of the show, one of the girls sang a solo while the rest of the actors stood on stage and waved glow sticks.
Donald and I noticed that Jenelle didn't look very happy at this point.
She told us later that there were too many people on stage and little kids were pushing her around.
It was definitely another successful drama evening!
Faces were glowing once again!
The chocolate roses seem to be a hit each year and the middle school kids who helped out got an extra bonus, in the form of a giant (I'm sorry, I mean GIANT) candy bar from their drama instructor.
Congratulations to two amazing kids!
We are always so proud of you!

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  1. Painting, creating, acting, teaching, leading... your kids are so talented! You should be proud. And look how loving they are... for this photo. :)