Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mom! Be Warned!

Hi Mom!
I'm just going to give you a heads up about this post...
...it has a lot of spiders in it!!

The lavender plants are really taking off!
I was weeding in the front bed the other day and admiring how green and pretty the lavender looked and could see that the flowers were just about to bloom.
There was a strange brown coloring on one section of one of the plants and when I inspected it closer, I found it to be a nest (nests) of the tiniest spiders!
They were all clumped together and not moving at all...
 ...until you shook the lavender plant!
Then they went crazy!!
It wasn't until this happened that I was actually able to tell what they were!!
After several minutes of being undisturbed, they went back to their little huddle.
They appeared pretty harmless...

But, with this plant being so close to the house, my mind started to wander to the day when they grew up and set off in search of their own spider home.
And I didn't want it to be in MY home.
So, I waited til they calmed down, then took some pruning shears and clipped those stalks off and tossed them in the yard waste.

Sorry Charlotte!!

P.S.  My new banner photo is a picture taken by the talented Hannah!


  1. Burn them with fire... Ain't skeered, but agree that you should not want them in your house.

  2. I'm scared. Ick. Yuck.

  3. Dad - I think you is skeered!!

    Christina - You're funny! Good thing they were "trapped" inside their little webs though, or I'd have been running far away!!