Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Springtime Orchard

Remember our local orchard in the winter?
Well, I want to try and take a picture of basically the same area each season, so here is spring!
 Love the blossoms all over the ground.
And here are some pretty close ups.
I wish I could say with certainty what they are, but Johnson's grows loads of different fruits...
and many types of each!
I'll find out in the summer and fall exactly what I'm taking a picture of when the fruit appears!
 I think these are pear...
And I think these are apple...
They smelled heavenly which surprised me.
I didn't realize they would have a scent.
Someone else liked the smell too...
They are so beautiful and they last for such a short time.
I rode my bike to take these pictures and paid the price with about 6 goatheads and two flat tires!!
There's always a price for beauty right?


  1. Gorgeous photos!!!
    (and I hate goatheads...)

  2. Hey! You're the first to comment...it must have worked for you this time?!
    And...thank you! :)