Friday, May 11, 2012

Jog-a-thon Update!

Last Friday St. Joe's held their annual Jog-a-thon...this year's theme was "I'm Jogging and I  Know It!"

First I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who donated to this fundraiser!  The school raised about $32,000 and we really appreciate it!
I say it all the time, but our family is so grateful for this school and it's teachers and staff!
We feel very lucky to be a part of it!

I have always been impressed with how hard my kids try each year.
I should mention that this seems to be school wide - with few exceptions, kids you would never expect to push themselves give it their all!
I remember the first year we participated in the jog-a-thon, I figured my three would spend most of their time walking as none of them had ever done any long distance running.
But they ran and ran!
Pictures from Jog-a-thon 2007
They ran so much that the next morning getting from bedroom to bathroom proved to be difficult...they crawled!

Anyway, this year was no exception (except that they could walk the next day!).
They worked hard running (with some walking thrown in) for their school!
Hannah and Jenelle both went for over 4 miles each and Ivan went for over 5!
Good job!
Good times!
Good friends!
Next year will be Hannah's last year jogging for St. Joe's.
These "besties" were hardly seen apart!
He's always smiling!

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